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Online Wellness Support from the Comfort of Your Home

Woman's Healing Circle
Creating a sacred space and providing tools  for you to begin your healing journey.  Working gently with guided  mindful and somatic exercises in a focused healing space dedicated to your wellbeing.  
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Woman's Healing Circle

December 2nd , 2022
7pm ET

Suggested donation $20


Sit with Me Meditation

Mon, Tues, Wed 
Oct 4- Dec 28 , 2022
7-8 AM ET

Tuesdays 7:30-8:15 PM ET

 No Meditation the weeks of Oct 17 and Nov 14 th 
No Meditation Nov 21

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Woman's Healing Circle
In Person 

513 West Main St
Cobleskill, NY 12043

Dec 16th, 2022
7pm ET 

There is a 4 lady limit! Click on the email icon to register

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Relax and Expand is about creating a solid footing for your personal growth and healing. When we are young we often have overwhelming experiences that happen to us. If we didn't have parents, caregivers or friends around us who could help us fully process those overpowering moments the events get left in our bodies as an energetic charge. Even when the event is long gone, or so insignificant we don't remember the charge creates recurring patterns that keep us from experiencing life in a more holistic way. The energetic charge then forms a residue that thickens in our fields potentially giving  rise to unwanted ailments like fatigue, anxiety and depression and illness. 




  RSVP Everyday! is the beginning steps of your journey to forming a new relationship with yourself and your old patterns. Through mindful and somatic practices we recognize our experience, pause, fully acknowledge our feelings and embrace ourselves with passionate compassion.   Get started on your journey with my free Self- Discovery E- book  Moving through transitions from the place you are to where you want to be can be difficult. No matter what we  want to transition away from whether it is  addictions, loss, grief, loneliness, trauma, anxiety and depression, feeling stuck, loss of energy beginning the foundational work of learning  how to relate to ourselves is the key place to start.  Knowing yourself  at the deepest level will give rise to exactly what you need to do.  

The  healing modalities I offer help support your process and speed your healing. Individual sessions are the most powerful means of assistance. For those wishing to start more gently, the Woman's Healing Circle and Coaching calls are perfect. 

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Tropical Leaves
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 Healing sessions are offered online and in person and provide individualized attention to your specific healing needs. Offering a wide range of physical, emotional and mental assistance with specialization in working with emotional well-being

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Has your doctor told you to destress, to try meditation but you just can't make it work?  I could only sit 2 minutes when I first began and understand how difficult it can be to get started.  Utilizing the Unified Mindfulness system access tools to begin your journey and manage life everyday

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Woman's Healing Circle is an online and in person group session with  designed  to deepen and nourish your self awareness and self connection. A great way to engage with me and my work before doing individual sessions.

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