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About Sit with Me Meditation

When asked what is the best health supplement to take if you were only going to take one, Gary Null (holistic nutritionist expert) stated Vitamin C. Meditation is like the vitamin C of personal practices you can do to improve yourself. Deal with stress better, sleep better, feel more balanced and calm. When you change how you are relating to yourself, your relationships around you --your relationship to people, your job, your environment, even the world -- can alter. Meditation is the way to be your own best alternative healer. But  it can be hard to get the meditation ball rolling by yourself. In this meditation, I hold the intention for you to deepen and broaden your practice. In addition, we are sitting together in group so you gain energy and support from others. 

There is no instruction. The idea is for you to get in relationship internally with yourself, not with external instructions.You can do any technique you choose, somatic breathwork or just sit in silence. Come for all or part of the time. Camera on or off.  If you need assistance or suggestions on how to meditate please contact me for free instructions. The system I use is science based, not religiously affiliated. 

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