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Woman's Healing Circle

There comes a tipping point in your life where you know you need something, you know you need to change but your not really sure what you need to do. You may be feeling stuck, undernourished in an energetic way, fatigued. Too much of you is going out for everyone and everywhere else and there is nothing left inside for you. You try to treat yourself and it feels good for a little bit but afterwards you still feel the same. You are the only one who knows what you truly need. Getting in relationship with all those parts of yourself that have become buried and inaccessible is so important because those parts hold the key to your feeling better and freeing up energy to be able to live life the way you were meant to. Bringing balance and joy back into your life begins with discovering the language your body is speaking to you. Through mindful and somatic practices, we engage in your parched internal landscape that has dried and cracked through neglect of avoidance and business. Rediscover the richness of who you truly are and start truly living.

How the Circle Works

Nuts and Bolts

Each circle is run a little bit different depending on the needs of those present.  We usually begin by giving ourselves permission to feel safe and honoring our physical space.  This is so important in a world that keeps us hypervigilant with to do lists and things to do. Somatic experiencing... really feeling our breath, allowing our diaphragms to drop, giving ourselves permission to deeply relax. As we relax, our focus of attention is on body sensations, particularly emotional body feelings. As we notice these sensations, we remain present to ourselves, developing a relationship with what comes up. We  share what brought us to the circle and how that connects to with what is arising for us. I work individually with you as you share. There will be a guided relaxation followed by a mindful presence practice with somatic experiencing. There will be some silent meditation time where additional individual and collective healing work is done. There is time to share insights and final thoughts 

If you wish to observe and keep your camera off, that is fine, you will still receive benefits from the circle. 

Please connect with me if you have any questions



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