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I Feel it in My Bones: Osteo and Emotions

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

She sat, hunched over, osteoporosis wielding its vengeance of misshapen fragility. Arthritis, osteoporosis, pain and fear keep this once active family member locked alone in her dark apartment. It had been a few years since I saw my Aunt because of COVID and was shocked at her physical deterioration. We ventured to the diner one block away but even that little walk had me concerned that her weakened constitution would collapse amid the tiny journey. “Can’t Betty come a few more days a week and help out? “ I gently suggested. “NO!!!” she steamed aloud, with a ferocity that racked my energetic field. “Why not?” I gently inquired. In not so many words she marked asking for help as the beginning of the end of her independence and she would not have it.

I thought it ironic that on a metaphysical level those with deteriorating bones often don’t feel supported. She wanted family members to come to her aid and the anger and resentment she held ( which was part of the reason family stays away) was eating away at her structural support system. These are not just energetic imaginings as science is now proving the effect of emotions and stress (Link to study) on our physicality. She also was raised a Catholic and spent years in a catholic religious order as a nun. Anger, resentment, fear and “negative” emotions were fodder for the devil and not to be had. But seeing her condition, it appears the love and light bypassing didn’t do such a great job in processing her deep feelings either, leaving her with incredible suffering.

To her credit ( and further demise) she tried by conventional means to take Fosomax for her developing bone loss which has since been taken off the market for causing what it was suppose to be preventing: Fosomax — one of many Bisphosphonates drugs on the market — has been linked to osteonecrosis of the jaw and atypical femoral fractures (Link to study). Its deplorable and unconscionable on Merck’s part to put a product like this on the market.

Environmental toxins can also play a role in osteoporosis. Heavy metals can interfere with the uptake and assimilation of nutrients which can also be a problem for bones. (Link to study). Heavy metals are everywhere. They’re in the products we use, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. These metals are toxic, and even though your body naturally eliminates them, they can build up over time and cause health problems.

It can seem hopeless and out of our scope of capability to deal with something like bone loss. We all know someone with thinning bones. Hip and joint replacements seem like commonplace surgery now. Educating ourselves is certainly one thing we can do, so we can make the best choices that support our physical health.

But the other thing that IS in our absolute control is the ability to relate to ourselves and our emotional landscape.

This is why we have to deal with buried emotions. It's why we can’t leave them there because emotional energy is vital and active. Emotions don’t just lie dormant if we refuse to engage with them. If they have nowhere to go, their repressed activity can create imbalance and perhaps loss of function in the surrounding tissues where the emotional charge is stored. Learning to work constructively with difficult emotions now can help have a better quality of life on all levels moving forward.

When we develop a deep relationality with ourselves, a conversation ensues that is earnest, embracing and real. Having this connection provides support and interdependence of all our systems, so energy can run smoothly. The depth of this alliance depends on extent of our wisdom about who we are, having this kind of extensive relationship with ourselves.

Need assistance getting in relationship with you? Eileen can assist you with learning embodied presence practices. She is an alternative healer who has completed 14 vision quests enabling her to be a clear and effective conduit for your personal growth and well being. Eileen has worked with somatic breathwork practices for the last 8 years and is a certified Unified Mindfulness Coach. Contact her for more information

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Belinda Poree
Belinda Poree
04 sept 2022

Joint health is crucial. I always worry about that because mobility is so important. A body in motion stays in motion. That's definitely something I want to keep and eye on as I love my long walks through the city. But the mind also requires care. I want to stay aware of my tendency to suppress emotions and trap that negative energy in my body. These instances of self neglect are not beneficial to my wellbeing. 😟 Thank you for sharing the story of your aunt and for the insight and research links. 💟 Many blessings. 💫

Me gusta
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