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My Online Services


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Group work with a focus on relaxation and embodied presence practices. We learn to re-relate to your body as a sensory system, breaking up blockages and constrictions that keep you stuck and tired.  


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Has your doctor told you to destress, to try meditation but you just can't make it work?  I could only sit 2 minutes when I first began and understand how difficult it can be to get started.  Utilizing the Unified Mindfulness system access tools to begin your journey and manage life everyday.

Tropical Leaves
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Recommended for optimal growth. If you live close enough to me geographically, in person sessions are recommended. Please contact me through the links at bottom of page. 

Utilizing my RSVP Everyday system, Circular Inquiry and Mindful Embodied Presence Practices we work with all addictive patterns 

Tropical Leaves
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Not sure if we are a good fit? Need to understand more about a particular service? Zoom or phone meeting helps you get the information you need.  

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