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Compulsive Companions         Addiction Circle

There are so many "other" addictions that control our lives: gotta have it, gotta do it and can't stop thinking about it. Actions, thoughts and cravings that drive our lives keeping us from attaining our goals,

hijacking our peace of mind, and keeping us off balance.  This circle  encompasses all of the addictive issues we may be experiencing and is  also open to those with alcohol and substance misuse concerns. 

Utilizing a three fold process involving my  RSVP Everyday System,  Circular Inquiry and a Nurturing Feel Good Embodiment Practice we give our sensory system the necessary input it needs in a positive way. 

How Compulsive Companions Circle Works 

We begin with 10 minutes of guided mindful/relaxation time to settle in and focus on our needs

Introduction time will have an icebreaker input to lightly guide us together on our journey.  Share time will consist of a relaxed conversational exchange.  I will interplay some  Circular Inquiry where appropriate and we will close with a 10 minute guided Nurturing Feel Good Practice. 

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