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I Am Fine (Not)

I Am (Not) Fine

The tears rolled down her cheeks in a torrent of liquid sadness.

" Are you ok?" I asked, which is what we say when concerned that something's wrong.

" I am fine" she replied.

I stood there a moment, waiting, pausing to give space for what was REALLY going on.


"Your lying" I stated, opening the 'I understand what your not telling me door', perhaps a bit harder than I meant.

Still nothing, no response.

I walked away sensing I was causing more pain by inquiring.

I felt her tears tangled in the lies of "I am fine."

Tears rolling and pouring with velocity and body trembling unacknowledged.

Tears that have been denied their existence by "I'm fine"

Her tears were a natural response to an event, but her inability to be able to express their meaning, her denial by saying "I'm fine" sent the energy of those tears into her bones and nerves, into her fibromialgia inflaming her already pain.

How many of us do this and wonder why our bodies are hurting so much?

Need help being honest with yourself? Eileen is an alternative healer and mindfulness coach who has completed over a dozen vision quests in order to be a clear conduit for your growth and healing. Questions?

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