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To Make a Cake, You Have to Break a Few Eggs

Hand sticky with dough over  a glass bowel
Hand kneading dough

To Make a Cake, You Have to Break a Few Eggs

My ex would use this phrase often when he was dealing with a messy project that was disrupting our household flow. A degree of demolition has to occur before things are put back in a more beautiful, functional way. The same principle applies to healing. In order for us to feel better, have more energy, be at peace or live purposefully the energetic-emotional patterns that are making us tired, sick, conflicted, anxious and depressed have to become undone. And there is no other way to do this than to face and breathe into our ailing, both on our own and with the assistance of truly gifted healers. It’s a messy process but our pain is our road map to greater awareness and wholeness. It’s like when we take all the ingredients out for the cake: flour gets all over, utensils get dirty and you have to break the eggs. The other morning in my own breathing practice a roar of anger emerged from the recesses of my body along with the energetic goo it was compacted in for the last 40 years. It was gross. My body felt as if this thick garbage barge of sludge was sliding, slug like out of my body. I felt like running from it. But no matter where I go, there I am so I stayed with it the best I could and moved into a walking practice my mentor taught me. I am motivated because when I embrace the hidden muck in myself I can feel my creative energy having more room to express itself. It also enables me to be a clearer conduit for healing and have greater capacity to hold the space for others. So break your eggs, make your cake and enjoy!!

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